Hartnell College provides a number of services to help educate the campus community on how to avoid being a victim of a crime. Printed information is available on various topics, including sexual assaults, family violence reduction, battered women, and so forth.  Below are some steps to take to ensure you are not a victim of crime:

  • Remember to keep your car locked and to put valuables in the trunk or take them with you;
  • Do not leave valuables in lockers; 
  • Walk in a group or with another student at night; and,
  • See the "Crime Prevention, Safety, and Service Programs" information (linked on the left).

If you are the victim of a crime, contact the Campus Safety Office as soon as possible by calling (831) 755-6888, or by using a Blue Light Emergency Phone.  Also, please remember that safety officers are available to provide a safety escort service to ensure your safety.

See something, Say Something!  If you happen to see something suspicious, do not hesitate to contact the Campus Safety Office with a description of the person, their vehicle, what they are/were doing, and where they were located. This may save a fellow student from suffering the frustration associated with being a victim.

Remember, Campus Safety is a team effort!  The Campus Safety Officers are here to serve and assist you, and we need your help to maintain a safe campus that is conducive to learning.