What to do in case of Utility Failure - Immediate Actions:

If utility failure occurs during regular hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., notify Maintenance, 755-6950 or Ext. 6950.

If there is potential danger or if failure occurs after hours, always notify Campus Security 831-755-6888.

Electrical/Light Failure:

Keep everyone in their seats for 15-30 seconds (just in case the event is a switching or temporary 'brown out' problem.) If lighting does not resume, vacate area. Since emergency building lighting may not provide sufficient illumination for safe exiting, especially at night or from interior rooms (e.g. Technology Center), you must keep a flashlight with spare batteries handy. Emergency flashlights are located within each building.

Plumbing Failure/Flooding:

Stop using all electrical equipment immediately. Vacate the area if necessary. Notify Campus Safety and Maintenance as instructed above.

Gas Leak:

Stop all operations. Do not use phone or switch on/off lights or any electrical equipment. Get out of the building. Never use any electrical switches with a gas leak! Electrical arcing can trigger an explosion! Call Campus Security and Maintenance from another building.

Ventilation Problem:

If smoke odors come from the ventilation system, notify Campus Security or Maintenance as instructed above. If necessary, evacuate the area. If visible smoke comes through, call 8-9-1-1 (on campus phones) or 911 from cell phones (refer to section on FIRE or EXPLOSION).

Water Line Failure:

Immediately notify Campus Security and Maintenance. If necessary, evacuate the area.