Hartnell Community College District engaged the services of gkkworks and Belli Architectural Group to provide implementation guidelines and district construction standards for the various projects that will be realized through Measure T - Series A.  Their work has provided clarity and defnition to the scope of the projects identified in Measure T - Series A and a road map for execution of the work for each project.  These two architectural firms were selected from a larger group of interested architects, for their experience and expertise on bond related construction and for their knowledge of the Salinas area.  The links provided below access their individual websites for further information of each architectural group. 

As architectural firms are selected for the upcoming Series A projects, they will be identified in the table below with their URL to enable the reader to access the firm's bios and information.  Yet to be chosen is the team for the North County Education Center to be located in Castroville.  

July 24, 2019 Update - In May a request for qualifications went out to pre-qualified architects and into the Central Coast Builders exchange for design/build entities interested in the North Monterey County (NMC) Education center project.  Seven entities responded.  From there a review committee scored the submissions and narrowed it down to three parties.  Those parties had a month to put together a proposal based on the bridging documents created by gkk/Cannon Design.  On July 18 the three entities presented their proposal to the NMC programming/selection committee.  Their results and recommendation will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the August 6 Regular Meeting. 

King City Expansion, Soledad Outreach Education Facility, Nursing & Health Science Building, Bldg D & E Modernization - These projects will all have the construction drawings submitted to the Dept. of State Architect (DSA) by second week of January.  Nursing and Health Science has been submitted, Bldgs. D & E modernization will be sent second week of December, and the remaining two projects are targeted to be at DSA end of the second week of January.

  • The renovation of classrooms in buildings D and E were approved by Division of State Architect (DSA).  A request for proposals have gone out on July 19, 2019 and are due August 16, 2019.  Contractors can access drawings and specifications at Andrews Blueprint or Central Coast Builder's Exchange.
  • The North Montery County Outreach Education Facility parcel acquisition has been concluded with the close of escrow on August 15, 2018.   Address is 10241 Tembladera Street.  (Across from IBEW Hall on south and Cynara Court Apartments on east).  Please use this link to view the location.  Castroville property
  • The Solar Canopy Relocation  project - Lot #3 (southern portion at corner of W. Alisal and Homestead) arrays have been removed.  The concrete pedestals will be removed when the Nursing Health Sciences building is begun.  Lot #6 is the recipient of the arrays and they have started to be installed.  
  • The Performing Arts Ticket Booth Remodel of which is partially funded by Measure T was started this summer.  Punch list items are currently being completed.  A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Nov. 14 prior to the Gala.  Completion should be by the end of December 2018.


Table of Design Teams

Design Implementation & Design Standards

Nursing and Health Sciences Building

www.gkkworks.com or Link to gkk website
Belli Architectural Group Design Implementation & Design Standards www.belliag.com  or Link to Belli Arch website
Kasavan Associates King City Education Center Expansion


or Link to Kasavan Architect website

[ISA]In Studio Architects Soledad Outreach Education Facility http://www.isarch.net  or Link to ISA website
HGHB Renovaton - Building D and E (Accessibility) and Bldg B 2nd Floor renovation http://hghb.net  or Link to HGHB website
Hartnell Community College District MEASURE T PROJECTS Programming/Design Committees and Members

As presentations and meetings go forward, links to these such documents will be posted in the table below
Presentation Documents
May 6, 2019 Request For Qualifications North Monterey County Educational Center
June 19, 2017 Kick-Off Meeting HC Implementation Plan Kick Off Meeting Design Implementation and Standards
Feb 07, 2018 Kick-Off  Presentation - Soledad Power Point Presentation for Soledad Kick Off Design Committee Mtg. Soledad Outreach Education Facility 
Apr 10, 2018 Education Facility - Soledad Power Point Presentation Education Center - Soledad Mtg#2 Soledad Outreach Education Facility
May 10, 2018 Soledad Outreach Education Facility Schematic Design Presentation

Presentation - pdf format                      5-10-18 Design Meeting Notes

Soledad Outreach Education Facility
June 12, 2018 Renderings Board Update Presentation Soledad  Outreach Education Facility

SEPT 19 & 26, 2018

Architect's Community Forum Presentation

Sept 2018 Soledad Education Center Presentation





Feb 26,2018 Mtg#1 Minutes & Presentation Center for Nursing & Health Sciences Design Mtg #1 Notes and Presentation Nursing & Health Sciences Building
Mar 12, 2018 Concepts Nursing Bldg. Meeting #2 Concepts  Nursing & Health Sciences Building
Mar 22, 2018 Concepts Nursing Bldg. Interiors Meeting #3 Concepts Nursing & Health Sciences Building
May 11, 2018 Interior and Exterior Concepts Meeting #5 Interior and Exterior Concepts Nursing & Health Sciences Building
June 12, 2018 Finalized Conceptual Dwgs.

Board Meeting Update and Presentation

Northeast Exterior Elevation 

Nursing & Health Sciences Building
Mar 2, 2018 Design Criteria Report Meeting #1  and Kick-Off Presentation King City Ed Center Expansion 
Apr 17, 2018 Presentation #2 KCEC Expansion Power Point Presentation Mtg.#2 King City Ed Center Expansion
May 17, 2018 Presentation #3 KCEC Expansion Presentation #3 King City Ed Center Expansion
June 19, 2018 Presentation KCEC Board Meeting Update Kinc City Ed Center Expansion
Apr 9, 2018 Presentation Power Point Presentation Workshop Bldg D and E Renovation
May 17, 2018 Presentation  Hartnell Bldg D and E review  and          Meeting Notes Bldg D and E Classroom layouts
July 17, 2018  Bldgs D and E Modernization Project Review -July Board Meeting Bldg D and E / ADA Renovations
2017 Renderings Evening Rendering of Renovation Exterior   and Performing Arts Lobby Renovation Performing Arts Ticket Booth Rennovation (Partial Measure T project)

Jan. 28, 2019 10 AM D-128



3rd Meeting of North County/Castroville Programming Committee

Jan. 9, 2019



2nd Meeting of North County/Castroville Programming Committee

December 3, 2018

Meeting Minutes


Kick Off Meeting of North County/Castroville Programming Committee


DESCRIPTION LINK                                                        
Infrastructure Dwgs. (AS BUILTS)  
Bid documents 001 HCCD Construction_Bid Documents


Who To Contact

  • Joseph Reyes
    Executive Director - Facilities Planning and Construction Management
    Phone: 831-755-6814
    Building: E - College Administration (South)
    Office: E107-B
    E - College Administration (South)
  • Dawn Henry
    Lead Program Coordinator -Measure T
    Phone: 831.770.6195
    Building: Hartnell College Main Campus
    Office: E -E105
    411 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA 93901