The Fine Arts Division presents instruction in Music, Theatre Arts & Cinema, Visual Arts, Photography and Digital Arts. 



With a variety of programs in the visual and performing arts, students have the opportunity to study traditional and emerging techniques and applications: from drawing, painting, and design, to choral and instrumental performance, to acting, directing, and theatre & video production.  Students develop critical skills while sharpening creative inquiry, and deepening empathy – for the self and others.  The fine arts programs at Hartnell strike an essential balance between local culture, needs, and interests, and global application, evolving with contemporary developments while maintaining a strong foundational basis in traditional Fine and Performing Arts.  




Who To Contact

  • Clint Cowden
    Interim Dean of Academic Affairs (S&B Sci, C&I Supp & FA)

    Phone: 831-755-6965
    Building: Alisal Campus
    Office: AC-A 106
    Alisal Campus - Building A
  • Veronica Bonilla
    Administrative Assistant III

    Phone: 831-755-6739
    Building: D - College Administration (North)
    Office: 103
    College Administration (North)