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Fourth Grade students will be an aerospace company bidding to make a space transport vehicle for NASA. The students will

  • Design airplanes and understand forces that allow an airplane to fly.
  • Predict and demonstrate the flight path of the airplane.
  • Observe current weather from maps, satellite imagery and/or radar. Look at recent weather graphs and forecasts for the next 24-36 hours.
  • Consider favorable and unfavorable launch weather conditions.
  • Demonstrate that rocket lift off is an application of Newton’s Laws of Motion.
  • Build a rocket that is powered by the pressure generated from an antacid tablet reacting with water.
  • Investigate rocket propellants and perform launches with rockets.
  • Calculate and measure height of several objects (tree, basketball goal) using the NASA altitude calculator.
  • Use a compass to find cardinal directions.
  • Create, read and interpret latitude and longitude on a map and GPS data.
  • Define, draw and label a pH chart.
  • Predict, compare and accurately measure pH of various solutions.
  • Identify various items as acid or basic given their pH.