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All forms and related information are listed by category.  If you need assistance, please call:  (831) 755-6706.

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Number Form Title
HR-01 Request to Hire Short-Term Employee
HR-02 Short-Term Employee Employment Notice
HR-03 Notice of Personnel Action
HR-05 Agreement for Faculty Not-in-Contract Assignments
HR-06 Student Worker Employment Notice
HR-08 Substitute Employee Employment Notice
HR-09 TB Skin Test Authorization
HR-10 Faculty Minimum Qualifications (Masters Required)
HR-11 Faculty Minimum Qualifications (Non Masters)
HR-12 Request to Hire Professional Expert
HR-13 Professional Expert Employment Notice
HR-14 Adjunct Faculty Agreement
HR-15 Adjunct Faculty Addendum
HR-16 Standards of Employment/Service Agreement
HR-17 Warrant(s) Recipient Designation
HR-18 Professional Expert Employment Conditions
HR-19 Retirement Questionnaire
HR-20 WC: Pre-Designation of Personal Physician 
HR-21 Volunteer Agreement
HR-23 Short-Term/Substitute Employment Conditions
HR-24X  Certificated Personnel Information Form 
HR-25X  Automatic Deposit Authorization
HR-26 Special Project Agreement
HR-27 Agreement for Faculty Non-Credit Assignments
HR-28 Data Sheet for Adjunct Instructor
HR-29 Data Sheet for Returning Adjunct Instructor
HR-30 Application for Adjunct (Part-Time) Faculty Position
HR-31 Data Sheet for New Classified Employee
HR-32 Minimum Qualifications For Non-Credit Disciplines
HR-33 Data Sheet for New Full-Time Academic Employee
HR-34 Data Sheet for Donated Adjunct Instructor
HR-35 Application for Professional Expert Position
HR-36 Demographic Information (Confidential)
HR-37 Faculty Flex Activities Form 
HR-38 Tuition Waiver Application – Confidential Employees
HR-39 Tuition Waiver Application – CSEA Employees
HR-40 Request for Approval of College Courses 
HR-41 Application for Classified Positions
HR-42 Application for Academic or Administrative Positions
HR-43 Data Sheet for Non-Credit Instructor
HR-45 Classified Professional Growth Form
HR-50 Change of Address
HR-51 Student Employee Personal Information