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Program Description and Career Alternatives

The Administration of Justice Associate's Degree program includes the theory and practice of law enforcement, correctional science and paralegal/legal assistantship. Law enforcement courses focus on police activities including effective patrol services to the public. Correctional science courses instruct on the incarceration process as well as rehabilitation of the offender. Paralegal/legal assistantship courses overview the preparation of cases for court under the supervision of an attorney.

The Administration of Justice Associate's Degree is available 100% online, as both a regular two-year program, and a Fast Track three semester program.  

Administration of Justice offers a wide range of career opportunities, including, police officer or deputy sheriff, correctional officer, probation officer, parole agent and paralegal. Working professionals in criminal justice and corrections can earn significant pay increases by obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice. Courses in Administration of Justice also prepare students for transfer into four-year degree programs in criminal justice and paralegal.


Upon successful completion of the Administration of Justice Associate's Degree program, a student should be able to:

• analyze the United States legal system, describing the sources of law, the branches of government, and the federal and state court systems.

• analyze cases to ascertain legal precedents and apply them to hypothetical fact patterns.

• demonstrate effective law enforcement report writing skills.

• compare and contrast legal and illegal narcotics and dangerous drugs.

• select and apply the appropriate peacekeeping strategy in a multicultural community.

The Administration of Justice Degree can be earned within one calendar year in the Fast Track Degree Program. For information regarding Fast Track Courses or the Fast Track Degree Program contact:
Lisa Storm  at  or (831)755-6745 (email preferred)
Lindsey Bertomen  at  or (831) 755-6742 (email preferred).

Administration of Justice Associate in Science for Transfer
Administration of Justice Certificate of Achievement

Who To Contact

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  • Celia Anderson
    Career Technical Education & Workforce Development
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