iAgriculture aims to increase students’ awareness of the wide array of career options in agriculture, the different paths they can take in pursuit of those careers, and the relevant classes and certificate/degree programs offered at Hartnell College. This is accomplished by providing special not-for-credit experiential learning opportunities like field trips to local agribusinesses, presentations and trainings by professionals in various ag-related fields, and visits to universities with strong agriculture degree programs. iAgriculture was started in August of 2014 and was initially funded through a grant from NIFA and administered by the Hartnell Agricultural Business & Technology Institute.

iAgriculture increases student awareness of:
Career options in agriculture
- Steps necessary to start on different career pathways
- Education and training opportunities available at Hartnell and beyond
- Agribusiness operations and systems through experiential learning – which also reinforces classroom learning in ag courses

iAgriculture increases student:
Experience speaking and networking with professionals
- Confidence and pride and ability to honor ag heritage
- Comfort-level and familiarity

iAgriculture increases industry:
Awareness of the Hartnell Ag Institute programs
- Connection to Hartnell students as potential interns and employees

iAgriculture offers faculty:
Opportunities to enhance classroom learning without using class time or resources
- Connection to industry and current industry practices

What we do:
Site visits to Agribusinesses
- Guest speakers
- Hands-on Training
- Transfer School Visits
- Service Learning / Volunteering

Hartnell College Alisal Campus​

Who To Contact

  • Belen Gonzales
    Coordinator of Job and Internship Placement
    Phone: 759-6066
    Building: Alisal Campus- Building A
    Office: AC-A111
  • Celia Anderson
    Carrer Technical Education & Workforce Development
    Phone: 755-6798
    Building: Alisal Campus- Building C
    Office: AC-C203