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Ethnic Studies is the interdisciplinary study of the history, cultural impact, socioeconomic concerns, politics, and achievements of racialized peoples in the United States and elsewhere. As a discipline, it was created to study the stories, histories, struggles, and triumphs of people of color on their own terms. Our program encourages students to test traditional assumptions about race in order to make more enlightened choices for themselves and their civilization.


Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

In accordance with its mission of ensuring that all students shall have equal access to a quality education and the opportunity to pursue and achieve their goals, it is also the college’s responsibility to ensure that students who graduate with an AA or AS degree should be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

Communication Skills  
Students will demonstrate reading comprehension and expository writing skills at a college level.  
Information Skills  
Students will define information needs, access information efficiently, evaluate information critically, and use information ethically.
Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
Students will use quantitative and logical reasoning to analyze information, evaluate ideas, and solve problems.
Global Awareness
Students will demonstrate knowledge of global interdependence others' values, cultures and beliefs; and the ability to describe one's own cultural heritage.  
Aesthetic Appreciation  
Students will critically reflect upon works of visual and performing arts in diverse cultural context.  
Personal Growth and Responsibility  
(a) Students will select lifestyle choices that promote physical and mental well-being.  
(b) Students will demonstrate the importance of being an informed, ethical, and active citizen in their community and the world.

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    Administrative Assistant III

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