Orion Galaxy


For over 50 years, the planetarium at Hartnell College has hosted group visits. Since 2014, the planetarium has hosted over 10,000 visitors from local schools. We proudly serve our community, seeking to blend education and entertainment to provide an enriching experience for our visitors.

Planning your visit

Typically you are able to schedule a program by filling out our REQUEST FORM. Try to schedule your visit as far in advance as possible. You can also contact the planetarium by calling 831 755-6979 during normal business hours.

What can we expect?

Presentations typically include an immersive, age appropriate pre-recorded movie and a tour of the current night sky, but be prepared for more! Science is a process, so interactive demonstrations, stories, and hands on activities are used to help illustrate key principles and further engage students. It is the goal of the planetarium to activate powers of observation, inquiry, and imagination in all students. If there are specific concepts you would like covered or you are looking for suggestions of classroom activities before or after your visit, we are happy to support you.

Do you have visitors with special needs? Please contact us to let us know how we can better serve them and you. We want the planetarium experience to be a positive one for all our visitors! Assistive listening devices are available on request. 



The minimum cost per group is $160 for a group of 40 or fewer. The rate steps up accordingly for larger groups:

  • 41 - 50: $200
  • 51 - 60: $240
  • 61 - 70: $280
  • 71 - 80: $320

The planetarium has 80 fixed seats and we recommend you limit your group to that size or under. With extra seating, it is possible to accommodate a larger group, but only by special arrangement. Please note that all presentations are interactive and therefore best suited to smaller groups, ideally a single classroom with accompanying teacher, aides, and chaperones. If you are arranging a visit for multiple classes or another large group, we hope to be able to offer options in the future that will serve you better.


Show Catalog

We are constantly trying to expand our offerings in our show catalog. Specific requests for content are welcome, but rest assured that we will recommend a program and activities best suited to your group. More detailed descriptions of shows and those recommendations will be posted soon. Please don't hesitate to call at 831-755-6979 or email with any questions.


Extended Visits

If you have time for more activities, we are happy to offer an extended visit. This generally works best with a built in snack or lunch break. Please reach out to discuss the possibilities and cost.



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