Welcome to Caring Campus at Hartnell College: Fostering a Culture of Care

Caring Campus, developed by the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC), is dedicated to creating a culture of care within community colleges.The objective of IEBC’s Caring Campus program is to increase student retention and success. We understand that when students feel connected to their college, they are more likely to succeed academically.

At Hartnell College, we embrace the Caring Campus culture. By implementing intentional, campus-wide behavioral commitments, we enhance our existing student success initiatives and create an environment where care and support are integral.

Join us on this journey of fostering a caring environment where students thrive. Together, we can transform Hartnell College into a place where care and success go hand in hand, empowering our students to reach their full potential.


Hartnell College Caring Campus Commitments:

Ten-Foot Rule: Whenever a student or group of students is within ten feet of you and seems to need assistance take the initiative to approach them. Don’t wait for them to approach you. Say hello, give your name and role on campus, smile, and use a positive tone. Have the knowledge to answer questions or be able to make a warm referral.

Nametags: Wear nametags so students know who to approach with questions. It is a small action that is an invitation for friendliness. It is a disarming gesture that personalizes and humanizes us, reducing psychological distance.

Cross-Department Awareness: Maintaining detailed, accurate, and up-to-date directories to make correct and warm referrals is essential. It also is important to know what each department does. This eliminates being handed off from one person to another, which is a frustrating experience.

Warm Referrals: Making a warm referral ensures each student’s needs are met and brings human relationships to what can easily be purely transactional. Call ahead so the recipient knows the student is coming and give the student the name of who is expecting them. Walk the student to the office they need to get to or provide them with a map. Follow-up to ensure the student got there.

Welcoming Students: Focus on ensuring students feel welcome and belong at the college during different parts of the student journey.