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  • The Panther labs are a great place to learn with other students and get help when you need it. 

    • Online Tutoring

    • All our individual tutoring sessions are available online by appointment, just ask to meet online! Email PLL@hartnell.edu

      Use the "NetTutor" button in your online or hybrid course delivered through Canvas to access free online tutoring! Find out which tutors are online right now!

  • A study group
  •  Supplemental Instruction (SI)

    Imagine having a friend who was a top student in a course that you are taking this semester. Stop imagining, SI is here. SI Leaders are top students who re-attend difficult courses and offer study sessions that are open to all students!

Math Academy

Panther Academic Support Systems (PASS) supports the Math  Academy students in their "Lifeline" semester. Join the Academy, so we can work together to achieve success! 

Become a Tutor or an SI Leader!

Earn money for your education as you gain valuable work experience, subject area knowledge, and have fun while helping other students succeed in their courses

Panther Academic Support Services! (PASS)

Panther Learning Labs offer free Math, English and ESL workshops, Math  Academy Lifeline Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), study groups, conversation groups, online resources, and peer tutoring for a variety of academic courses. The centers recruit, hire, and train supplemental instruction leaders, group tutors and drop-in tutors, as well as support and promote PLTL, SI and tutorial services on the Main Campus, Alisal Campus, and at King City Center. Students interested in teaching careers are strongly encouraged to apply for tutorial positions.

Select from the links above or on the left to learn about our services. view our schedules, or find out how to become a tutor or an SI Leader.

The Panther Learning Labs provide students with qualified student tutors in various academic areas. Tutors support a student's regular instructional program through individual and small-group tutoring, providing support, motivation, and encouragement. These services are FREE to all Hartnell College students.

Instructors: Would you like a classroom presentation about our services?

How about a tutor or an SI Leader for your class(es)? How about offering extra credit to students who attend the labs? Find out about these services and more by visiting our "Faculty Services" link on the left!  

Students: Can't find a tutor for the subject or at the times you need?  

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Who To Contact

  • Frank Henderson
    Tutorial Services Coordinator
    Phone: (831) 755-6738 or 6815
    Building: Main Campus B - Student Services
    Office: B230
    B - Student Services


  • B - Student Services Building

     Location type:  Building Building Name:  B - Student Services Building