The study of art involves the understanding and appreciation of various cultural heritages and the development of skills in drawing, painting, design, weaving, jewelry and/or ceramics. The faculty of the art discipline are committed to making the arts of the past and present available to students through historical surveys and studio experience. The heritage of thought and skill, going beyond our immediate time and culture, will enrich students’ lives, broaden their personal view of the world and their improve their ability to communicate ideas through added knowledge and greater intercultural understanding. The majority of these art courses prepare students for higher levels of study at a university. For detailed requirements for individual four-year institutions, students should contact the transfer institution and/or meet with a counselor for specific transfer course requirements in their major. Students can also access major and transfer information for California State Universities and University of California at  Positions for which BA graduates in art are qualified include arts administrator, art critic, art dealer, ceramicist, industrial designer, display designer, designer, gallery director, historian, merchant, sculptor, muralist, or painter. 




Upon successful completion of the Visual Arts program, a student should be able to:

•    demonstrate effective technical proficiency in at least one medium of traditional visual art.

•    structure visual information to produce images or objects of intermediate level aesthetic quality.

•    interpret and produce art works that communicate intellectually and emotionally.

•    demonstrate an intermediate knowledge of the history of art.

•    demonstrate an awareness of the influence of art and artists on the lives of all individuals, cultures and societies.

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