EMT-53. Emergency Medical Technician (9 units)
Advisory: Each student will be required to provide a copy of the American Health Association Basic Life Support card, undergo a background check, drug screen, physical and provide proof of appropriate vaccinations.

Lec 126 Hrs; Lab 108 Hrs

The EMT course includes California mandated curriculum. Classroom experiences include the function and structure of human systems and basic life support skills. Each student will be required to undergo a background check, drug screen, physical, and provide appropriate vaccinations (at the student's expense) in order to move on and complete the second clinical phase of the course. To qualify for the National Registry Exam (additional fee), students must pass with an 80%, hold a current BLS card, and be 18 years of age. 

This certificate prepares students with comprehensive instruction in the skills necessary for success as an emergency medical technician (EMT) in the emergency services industry. This program is designed to meet the needs of current students and in‐service professionals interested in career advancement and those seeking to advance their EMT knowledge. This program is aligned with the EMT‐Basic: National Standard Curriculum. Career opportunities after completing the certificate include EMT, Emergency Room Technician, and Search and Rescue.

Upon successful completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • apply scientific knowledge in providing prehospital and emergency medical care.
  • use effective communication and interpersonal skills with patients and other healthcare workers.
  • operate within the role of an entry‐level provider of care and
    contributor to the emergency medical 2 service profession.
  • demonstrate high prehospital and emergency medical practice
    standards in skill performance and patient advocacy.
  • provide competent and safe care in a variety of settings to a group of patients with diverse needs across the lifespan by demonstrating knowledgeable decision‐making and judgment based on critical thinking, clinical competence, accountability, and collaboration with the patient and healthcare team.
  • promote each student's personal and professional growth, health, and success.
  • promote the concept of lifelong learning, including the pursuit of
    advanced degrees and advanced practice in the health field.
  • prepare graduates eligible to seek licensure as EMTs and meet emergency medical service professional expectations.
  • HES‐80 – Medical Terminology (3.0 units)
  • MAT‐106** – Integrated Mathematics (3.0 units)
  • ENG‐102** – Composition and Reading for CTE (3.0 units)
  • EMT‐53 – Emergency Medical Technician (9.0 units)

*Recommended sequence. Courses can be scheduled before or concurrently with EMT‐53.  
**or higher level  

2023-2024 Student Handbook

2023-2024 Policy and Procedure Manual

EMT-53 Course



EMT-53 Course ~$414.00
9 Units ($46/unit)
Lecture- Online
Lab- On Campus


18 Units ($46/unit)



American Heart Association
“BLS for The Healthcare Provider” 



Emergency Care, 14th edition, Michael F. O'Keefe, Daniel Limmer, Edward T. Dickinson &
MyLabBrady https://www.pearson.com/store/p/emergency-care/P100002824449


Forms will be issued the first week of class.


Navy blue polo with no logos and navy-blue EMS pants. You will also need black boots and a black belt. You may not participate in class if you are not prepared in uniform.

~$ Varies

Immunizations/Vaccinations/ Physical Exam/ ADA Compliance

2021 Immunization Record, Physical Exam Form & ADA Compliance Statement