MESA at Hartnell

The MESA Program at Hartnell College is strengthening diversity in STEM and meeting skilled workforce needs by creating a new legacy of opportunity for the families of the Salinas Valley and producing future generations of bright young scientists. MESA provides the exposure opportunities, retention services, and academic support necessary to ensure that educationally disadvantaged students excel in math and science and graduate with math-based degrees. The program has resulted in outstanding results, providing a diverse pool of transfer-ready students who are prepared to excel as math, engineering and science majors.

MESA uses various components to support students. The program helps build an academically based peer community to provide mutual student support and motivation.

The main components of the MESA include:

•             Student Study Center: A dedicated multipurpose space for study, workshops and information sharing

•             Math and Science at Hartnell (MASH): A professional peer based high level STEM tutoring program that provides specialized homework and exam preparation for Calculus and above

•             Supplemental Instruction Sessions (SI): Students are scheduled in the same core math and science study sessions and taught how to maintain high academic outcomes through group study

•             Assistance in the transfer process: Field trips to universities, applications workshops and review, educational plans, and counseling

•             Academic monitoring, advising, and support to ensure retention and timely transfer

•             Career advising: Field trips, job fair information, job shadowing exercises, and industry mentors

•             Scholarship support and internship placement

•             Links with student and professional organizations which provide mentors, guest speakers and offer industry tours

•             Professional development workshops that resume preparation, interview skills, internship support and placement

•             STEM outreach and community service opportunities to educationally disadvantaged children in local schools