The purpose of the library’s presence on social media is to engage the community and build relationships in support of the library’s mission statement:

  • Encourage knowledge creation across a range of platforms
  • Support library service area outcomes
  • Integrate print and electronic resources
  • Teach information literacy skills
  • Provide equitable access to resources

Library Mission Statement:

Hartnell College Library supports the College mission by promoting learning, achievement, and success through its student-centered services, collections, and equitable access to resources, to help students reach their academic, career and personal goals.

To achieve our goals, we will...

  • Share images from library’s collections that relate to current events
  • Share flyers for library events
  • Link to academic resources
  • Promote library services including digital tools
  • Share pictures of students using the library
  • Share pictures of librarians and staff working in the library
  • Create photo contests for students
  • Share archival photos of students

How will we do this?

  • Student Services Librarian will moderate social media sites and will delegate responsibility when appropriate
  • Posts will be made on a regular basis
  • Copyright law will be adhered to and content not belonging to the library will be correctly cited
  • We will obtain verbal permission before posting pictures of Hartnell students
  • We will not post identifiable pictures of minors

We are committed to following rules of ethical online behavior and ask that you do the same. We will not post…

  • Items or comments that are obscene, racist, or derogatory
  • Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language
  • Potentially libelous statements
  • Plagiarized or copyrighted material
  • Commercial promotions or spam

Comments which are not aligned with ethical online behavior will be removed.

ca 5/19