Information Literacy 5

When you get your assignment

  • Make a timeline
    • List tasks that need to be done
    • Estimate the amount of time each task will require
    • Schedule a specific block of time for each task
    • Note tasks and their due dates in your calendar
    • Revise your schedule as needed, but don't fall behind

As you gather information

  • Keep your sources organized
    • Use a file, pocket folder or loose leaf binder for printouts of articles
    • Use a separate project box or shelf for print books and printouts
    • Create files with logical folder and filenames
    • Backup your information on cloud storage (Google Drive) or USB
  • Keep records of your research
    • Keep your notes and any printouts until your paper or project has been graded and returned to you
    • Save the drafts or versions of your paper separately
  • Keep works cited information
    • Create a file with notes for each of your sources
    • As you find sources, record information in the file, using the appropriate style (MLA, APA, etc.)
    • Sort your notes alphabetically by the author's last name or the title (if no author)
  • Organize your notes
    • Cross out irrelevant parts of your printed articles
    • Highlight or underline important ideas
    • In your own words, make notes about each article
    • Write down quotes or paraphrases you intend to use along with the source of the information, including the page number
    • Look for patterns and trends in the information
    • As needed, make flow charts and/or diagrams of information and ideas
  • Check with your instructor
    • Get approval for your chosen topic
    • Make sure your research is on track
    • Make sure your timeline is the same as your instructor's
    • When possible, turn in a rough draft of your paper or project for instructor comments and suggestions

Hartnell College Courses

COU 1 Student Success Seminar (3 units)

LIB 2 Introduction to the Academic Library and Information Competency (1 unit)

LIB 5 Information Competency in the Sciences and Applied Technology (1 unit)

LIB 6 Information Competency in the Social Sciences (1 unit)

LIB 7 Information Competency in the Arts and Humanities (1 unit)


Get Organized LB1049 F735 2005

Orientation to College Learning LB2343.3 .V36 2007

MLA Handbook LB2369 G53 2016

Student's Guide to Writing College Papers LB2369 T82 2010

Essential Writing Skills for College & Beyond PE1408 .G55837 2014

A Writer's Reference PE1408 .H2778 2015

Web Sites

ZoteroBib (APA and MLA)

Virginia Tech. Study Skills Self Help Information

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