laptop open on desk with case

As part of the computer update across campus, approximately 100 employees received new laptops to replace their aging desktop computers. Please find details below regarding this transition:


  • Dell Latitude 7440
    • Intel Core i7 4600 2.1 GHz CPU
    • 256 GB RAM
    • 14’ FHD (1920x1080) TOUCH screen
    • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ad & bluetooth
    • Light Sensitive Web camera
    • 65 watt power supply
    • 4-cell battery
    • Windows 7 PRO

Docking Station:

  • Dell E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator
  • Laptop case
  • VGA adaptor cord

Remember to keep your current keyboard, mouse, and monitor.  Your monitor will be connected to your docking station using the VGA cord pictured.  If you ever need to take your laptop away from Hartnell and connect it to a projector or monitor, you will want to bring this VGA adaptor cord (as your laptop does not have a VGA port).

Additional Details:

  • Each laptop is barcoded and assigned to that specific faculty member. Learn how to log into your new laptop.
  • When picking up a laptop, faculty will need to sign the Technology Acceptable Use Board Policy.
  • Laptops were issued to replace office towers. A docking station will be issued after faculty confirm with their division that their system can be removed.
  • Faculty should back up files on their tower to their Google Drive or I Drive prior to leaving for break. If faculty store documents to be retained in the “Documents” folder or desktop of their tower, not only will those items be migrated over, those items will be available to a faculty member once they log in whether they do so from their machine or any other on campus (after login). Faculty should not backup personal files such as music or pictures unless directly related to academic purposes.

Need to log in off campus? Follow the steps in the IT Onboarding Guide.