Program Accomodations 

Reduced Course Load

When a DSPS Counselor determines that a student is eligible for a reduced course load as an eligible disability accommodation, the student will have the accommodation listed on the Accommodation Letter for the semester.  A reduced course load provides the student with the ability to take fewer than the required 12 units to be considered a full-time student at the College. 

A reduced course load can also support a student to be eligible for participation in the College’s programs and activities, that have a minimum number of units a student needs to enroll in, when a student meets the other program requirements.  Examples of a reduced course load for a student with a disability, includes, but is not limited to eligibility for participation in the Salinas Valley Promise program, EOPS/CalWORKS, athletics, and state funded scholarships and awards. 

A reduced course load, as a disability accommodation, does not impact federal financial aid eligibility.  Students with disabilities need to work with the Financial Aid office to understand how their enrollment impacts their financial aid. 

Priority Registration

Students with disabilities who have completed the registration with DSPS, and who are actively working with DSPS throughout the year, are eligible for priority registration.  Following the College’s policy and procedure, students with disabilities need to have an education plan in place and have completed the online new student orientation.  Students who are eligible for priority registration, will continue to have access to priority registration if on probation or dismissal, to maximize access for students with disabilities.  For students active with DSPS:

  • During the fall semester, this results in students receiving priority registration for the spring semester.
  • During the spring semester, this results in students receiving priority registration for the summer and fall semesters.

Tutoring by Appointment

Tutoring is available for all students at the College through the Panther Learning Lab, located on the second floor of building B.  Students need to seek out tutoring for classes directly from the Panther Learning Lab.  Tutoring is available on a drop-in basis for students.  If tutoring is available for the specific class in a semester, students with disabilities can request Tutoring by Appointment, as a disability accommodation through DSPS, which is then listed on the student’s Accommodation Letter for the semester.   The Accommodation Letter is sent by DSPS to the Director of Academic Support. 

Course Substitutions

Hartnell College requires certain classes for the completion of degrees and certificates, and is not required to waive the required course.  A course substitution allows a class to be substituted for the required class, unless if doing so would result in a substantial change to a required part of the curriculum. 

Colleges are allowed to set their academic standards, and are not required to lower their standards as a reasonable disability accommodation.   However, if students request a course substitution from DSPS, based on disability, the College will evaluate each request on an individualized basis, as any other disability accommodation request.

Due to the nature of course substitutions, students with disabilities are encouraged to work with DSPS Counselors in advance, as collaboration with academic departments needs to occur based on the student’s educational goal.