All TRIO students must follow our Student Responsibility Contract to participate in the program.

  • Academic Counseling: Three counselor contacts are required for each semester.
  • Orientation: Attend a one time, mandatory new student orientation.
  • Education Plan: Complete and maintain a comprehensive educational plan.
  • Priority Registration: For each semester, TRIO students are given early priority registration dates to register for classes.

Other Considerations

  • New Students: New students must be full time (12 or more units). 
  • Academic Progress: TRIO students are expected to maintain a grade point average of “C” (2.0) or better.


Students who do not meet the responsibilities every semester will be withdrawn from the program. 
Once a student completes 70 degree applicable units or 6 consecutive semesters, they are no longer eligible for TRiO services. 

High Unit Majors: Students will continue in the program beyond 70 units when their majors are STEM or High Unit Majors. Examples: RN= 128.25 units; Engineering Technology=108 units;and  Engineering=98 units 

Tips to Remain in Good Standing with TRIO:

  • Take advantage of any Student Services available on campus
  • Meet with your TRIO counselor at least three times per semester
  • Attend the mandatory TUTORIAL sessions with the TRIO tutors.
  • Let TRIO counselors know if there are any changes in your academic schedule.
  • Contact TRIO staff when you have personal challenges.
  • Notify TRIO staff of address or phone number changes.
  • Attend all workshops and the required TRIO activities (mixers). 

We will work with you - Our goal is to make a college education accessible to students!