In January 2023, Main Campus, Alisal Campus and all Education Centers (Castroville, King City, and Soledad) will be re-keyed. This means that the keys being used to get into buildings, offices, classrooms, storage rooms, electrical rooms, etc. will no longer work upon completion of this project, estimated to be completed by January 20, 2023.

This affects all campuses:

Main Campus – all buildings

Alisal Campus – all wings

Castroville Ed. Center, King City Ed. Center – both wings

Soledad Ed. Center




Faculty and Staff:

Starting December 2, 2022, faculty and staff can obtain the necessary form to get a new key. The form can be accessed here: KEY/FOB REQUEST FORM. Once the requestor completes and submits, it will be routed to the appropriate administrator(s) for signature. The time to process from submission to notification will be approximately three days. (Presuming no delay in the signing process). When the key/FOB is ready, a notification will go out to the key/FOB holder for pick up.  The key/FOB holder will need to make arrangements to pick up their own key/FOB IN PERSON at the Mailroom, Room B-115. A CURRENT PICTURE ID will be necessary at the time of pick up. Key(s) will remain available for thirty (30) days from time of notice. The Mailroom can be reached at (831) 755-6700.


Please keep your mailbox and desk keys. Do not throw away your old keys.

Old keys will need to be turned in to the mailroom in January 2023 as follows:

Staff:      May turn in old key(s) beginning January 3, 2023.

Faculty:  May turn in old key(s) beginning January 19, 2023. 


Vendors and Contractors:

Vendors and Contractors: To apply for a key, please complete a Vendor/Contractor Request for Key Form.


REMINDER: Deadline to turn in key(s): January 31, 2023


More of the existing buildings via Measure T renovation projects are being added to the keyless system (WINPAK). All new education centers and the Alisal campus are on the keyless system. Main Campus buildings are being added as renovations continue.

Keyless System: Alisal Campus, Soledad Ed. Center, King City Ed. Center, Castroville Ed. Center

Keyless System: Main Campus:

                              Buildings B 2nd Floor (except rooms 203 & 204);

                              Building C;

                              Building D: (except 2nd & 3rd floor offices);

                              Building E: 2nd and 3rd floors (except offices);

                              Buildings O, P, and S.

One FOB can be programmed for all locations and buildings. A FOB will now be necessary for any faculty/staff who work/teach in any of the above buildings. Current FOBs will continue to work through the re-keying period and process. Only those requiring access to the building(s) listed above, who did not previously have a FOB issued to them will require a FOB be issued. To request a FOB, follow the same procedure for KEYS as above, using this form: KEY/FOB REQUEST FORM. Fill out the information requested and submit. The document will be routed for the proper signature(s) similar to how other platforms (e.g., Mercury Commerce) work. Please note that FOBs take up to 72 hours to program. Once the FOB is ready, a notification will be sent to the FOB holder for pickup. The FOB holder will need to make arrangements to pick up their own FOB IN PERSON at the Mailroom, Room B-115. A CURRENT PHOTO ID will be necessary at time of pick up. The Mailroom can be reached at (831) 755-6700.


Both keys and FOBs are for Full-Time Faculty and Staff ONLY. If you are a part-time or hourly employee, student worker, or professional expert, and require a key/FOB, please have your Dean/Administrator submit a written request to the VP of Administrative Services. These requests must be approved by the Vice President of Administrative Services or the Controller.

Only the VP of Administrative Services may override the Key Access Procedures/Process for obtaining keys or FOBs.