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Health and Safety for All

The well-being and safety of students, employees and visitors on campus remain a top priority.  Hartnell continues to monitor COVID-19 and follow protocols to comply with CalOSHA's mandated COVID-19 Prevention requirements.

Campus COVID-19 Protocols

Students, employees, contractors, and volunteers who experience COVID-like symptoms, possible exposure, or a positive COVID-19 test within five (5) days should immediately submit a report using the on-line link below.  Students should also send an email to instructors.  Employees should notify their supervisor or manager.

All Individuals experiencing COVID-like symptoms should remain off campus, immediately get tested, and follow the protocols outlined in our FAQ's.

Reporting Exposure/Infection

The Federal Occupation Safety and Health Administration’s General Duty clause (Section 5(a)(1)) obligates employers to provide a safe and healthful workplace, requiring employers  to take proper steps to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace. 

Reporting COVID-19 incidents allows the District to ensure necessary precautions are taken for the safety of others and to comply with CalOSHA's COVID-19 Prevention regulations

Click on the FAQ link below for information on steps to take if you are exposed or infected with COVID-19.

Click here to Report COVID Exposure or Infection

Frequently Asked Questions for Hartnell (FAQs)

Face Coverings/Masks

Hartnell no longer requires all individuals on campus to wear a face covering/mask at indoor campus locations, as of March 21, 2022. This change was made to align with the Monterey County Health Department's modified masking orders and CDPH recommendations.

The use of face coverings/masks continues to be mandatory for individuals on campus who experience COVID-19 symptoms, exposure or a positive test result. This is in accordance with California's Occupational Safety and Health Standards Act (Cal/OSHA) and California's Department of Public Health (CDPH).  

During Fall & Winter cold and flu season, face masks are highly encouraged in shared indoor spaces on campus.  In line with state guidelines, Hartnell supports an individual's decision to wear a face covering/mask on campus even when not required.  Surgical masks or higher-level respirators (e.g. N95s, KN95s) with good fit are highly recommended, and are available for free from the Campus Security Station on each of our campus locations

See our FAQs for information on steps to take if you have symptoms, are exposed, or test positive.

COVID-19 Testing 

When available from CDPH, free COVID-19 test kits are accessible to uninsured students and individuals who do not have health insurance coverage or have limited access to healthcare resources; these free test kits can be accessed from a Campus Security station at each of our campus locations, while supplies last. 

Individuals with MediCal, Medicare, or private health insurance coverage receive free at-home tests covered by health insurance (up to a maximum of 8 tests per month per person, and subject to carrier limitations).  

School employees covered by MCSIG's Express Scripts prescription plan can receive free tests through Express Scripts.  Tests can be ordered on-line and acquired by visiting a participating pharmacy (find more info here).

Rapid/antigen and PCR/lab testing for COVID-19 is available at various testing locations in Monterey County

Personal protective equipment such as N95 masks and gloves are also available to employees and students on request from the Campus Security Station at each of our Hartnell College campus locations.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Hartnell Community College District does not require proof of vaccination from individuals who wish to work or attend classes at any of its five campus locations. The requirement that students and employees provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination was lifted as of December 14, 2022, in anticipation of the termination of California's COVID-19 State of Emergency.  As of the Spring 2023 semester, students can sign up for in-person, hybrid and online classes regardless of vaccination status.

The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older stay up to date with the COVID-19 vaccine. Find a vaccine clinic near you at, or call (833) 422-4255. 

People who are at the highest risk of severe consequences of COVID-19 should prioritize getting vaccinated. Those who are high-risk include:​  Older adults, people who are pregnant and recently pregnant, people who are immunocompromised,  people with certain medical conditions such as a chronic disease or cancer, and people with disabilities.  

CDPH guidance for protecting your health with updated COVID-19 Vaccine can be found here.

People vaccinated in California can access the digital version of their vaccination card through the State of California's Digital Vaccine Record (DVR) portal

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Frequently Asked Questions for Hartnell (FAQs)

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