prepared for Hartnell College - Office of Institutional Advancement  by Kim Stemler - Facilitator
Hartnell College, in collaboration with the Salinas Valley Five Cities Board, hosted five Measure T Bond Community Forums from August through December 2019.  The report can be accessed on the link in the title above.


September 2018 - Community Forums 

Community Forums were held at three locations during the month of September 2018 to bring status and updated drawings of the Measure T Bond - Series A projects currently in progress. 
The forums were held Sept. 12 (King City), Sept. 26 (Soledad) and Sept. 19 (Main Campus).  Staff, students, local industry and the community members were all invited to come to the forums.  
Leading the forums was Dr. Lewellen, Superintendent/President of Hartnell College.  He provided a brief history of the Bon measure, project highlights and introduced the respective Arhcitects for each of the projects.  Key for the south county projects was the need to get students to school without spending hours on a bus.  
King City - Kasavan Architects; Soledad - [ISA] In Studio Architecture; gkkworks|CANNONDESIGN - Nursing and Health Sciences Building; and HGHB Architects and BFS Landscape Architects for Building D and E renovations.  Each architect gave a presentation on the renderings brought for viewing at each forum.
Those presentations can be seen by clicking on the following links:


Through the presentations it was identified that for each project a "programming / design" committee comprised of staff, students, industry and community members was formed through the President's office.  Each of these committees met with the architects to identify what the projects need to look like, and what needs to be in them.  The above architect presentations are a result of the information they gathered from these meetings.  Many concerns and needs were shared by the King City and Soledad committees.  Goals for building orientation were to keep primary entrance for accountablity and security.  Create space for communal learning, utilze the hallways and open areas.  The new buildings will have a community room that can also double as a class room if necessary.  Science labs and dedicated student success areas completed the outline of the projects. 

On the main campus, the new nursing building will double the current physical size of the program.  State of the art simulation and skills labs will provide students with up to date resources.  The building is focusing on current trends of health care to prepare the next generation of nurses.  The landscape aids to connect this building with the existing buildings of the campus.  In Buildings D and E, the second and third floor class rooms will receive complete make overs.  From HVAC systems, to teaching technology will be installed in the new rooms.  The offices will receive a "re-fresh" in new flooring, paint and furniture in the older offices. An exterior elevator will be added for better ADA access to the second and third floors.  The quad area will be completely renovated to tie in with the new nursing building and the existing buildings on campus.