History, in the broad sense, is the study of all human experience. It examines people, institutions, ideas, and events through past and into the future. The study of history develops cultural literacy, critical thinking, and other skills while helping to understand today and plan for tomorrow. The discipline provides us with a better understanding of ourselves as individuals and as a society. In the study of history it is more important to learn the skills of finding, interpreting, and relating historical information than it is to simply to memorize historical data. Through the study of history, a student can acquire the techniques of gathering and applying information to gain a perspective on the human condition.  Fields for which BA graduates in history are qualified are law, journalism, writing, the foreign service, consulting, teaching, archiving, researching, and museum curating. For detailed requirements for individual four-year institutions, students should contact the transfer institution and/or meet with a counselor for specific transfer course requirements in their major. 



 Upon successful completion of the History program, a student should be able to:

 • demonstrate an understanding of the processes, peoples and events in the multicultural histories of the United States.

 • apply critical thinking skills in reading, comprehending, and interpreting historical scholarship.

 • employ historical research methods to address historical questions using primary and secondary sources.

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