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Counseling and Guidance


Welcome to the Hartnell College Counseling Department. Our mission is to assist you by providing quality academic counseling, career counseling, and personal guidance so that you have all the information you need to pursue and achieve your academic, career, and personal goals.  We strive to provide you with a quality experience with a Counselor to engage in dialogue about your plan and goals for your future.


Listen to Counselor Mercedes Quintero talk about her story. She did it and So Can YOU!


All students must schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor to discuss their academic goals and to develop an educational plan.  Call (831) 755-6820 to schedule an appointment. All students are required to have a comprehensive educational plan (a plan that outlines courses the student must take to complete their educational goal) by the 15 degree applicable unit mark. Completing the educational plan is mandatory for students in order to maintain their enrollment priority and register for courses. A student may be exempted from Counseling and having an educational plan (meet with an Academic Counselor in Express for more details).