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The Hartnell Adaptive Physical Education Program is an inclusionary program orientated around the philosophy that a student with a physical or psychological limitation/disability is provided physical education. PEAD 84 is a unique fitness program that features individualized programs of instruction for all individuals with disabilities short or long term. Instructor designed exercise programs for each student is based upon their APE assessment and their health care professional’s recommendations and referral.Picture of student using equipment to stretch leg

The primary goals are to increase functionality; strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance by using range of motion and progressive resistance through machines/exercises.

Adaptive Fitness Exercise with Cardiovascular Emphasis

All of the components of a fitness program are taught, including the basic principles of warm-up/cool-down exercises, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility/range-of-motion, strength training, posture, body mechanics, balance, coordination, basic nutrition guidelines and stress reduction techniques. Available equipment include: treadmills, stationary bicycle, recumbent bicycle, weights and machines, ellipticals, stair stepper, nusteps, and arm egomete                         

Instructor Contact Information:

Ashley Gabriel

Phone 831-755-6842

FAX 831-770-6120