Section 504  of the Rehabilitation Act

Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADA)

Title 5  of the California Code of Regulations

Section 508  of the Rehabilitation Act (Standards for accessible technology)


Service Animals 

Please know that in accordance with a resolution agreement with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the federal enforcement agency responsible for non-discrmination for and about students with disabilities, I'm sending this message to share updates to the AP3440 Service Animals, which has been approved by our Board of Trustees, as well as OCR.  
The revised AP3440 Service Animals, reflects a voluntary registration of service animals by students, as well as emphasizing the limited two questions campus members can ask a student who brings a service animal to the district, and clarification on service animal training.  
There are a number of DSPS accommodations and services that students who use service animals may be eligible for, and benefit from, and we encourage students to register their service animal with DSPS, and to self-register to provide support to students while they participate in our district programs and activities.  Referrals by instructors, staff, and administrators are welcomed.  DSPS is located in Building B, Rm 107, on the main campus, and can be reached at 831.755.6760, or via email at