If you are aware of problems with friends, roommates, or family members, we encourage you to act responsibly by consulting with a counselor or helpline. Remaining silent or waiting until a situation has escalated is neither respectful nor responsible. Hartnell College supports the notion of students helping one another to cooperatively solve alcohol and substance abuse problems as they occur.

For free confidential assistance, contact the following on-campus services:

On Campus Services

Counseling Office:          CAB 165       755-6820
EOPS Office:       College Annex 104       755-6860
DSP&S Office:       College Center 102       755-6760
Sports Counseling:       PE 114B       755-6848

Off Campus Services

Al Anon       424-6207
Alcoholic Anonymous - Monterey       373-3713
Alcoholic Anonymous - Salinas       424-9874
Beacon House Alcohol and Drug Program       372-2334
Cocaine 24-hour hot-line       1-800-347-8998
Community Human Services-Monterey       373-4775
Door to Hope - Women's Residential Recovery Home       422-6226
Community Service Residential Drug Program       899-2436
Community Human Service-Salinas       424-4828
Narcotics Anonymous - Monterey       624-2055
Narcotics Anonymous - Salinas       758-1630
Sun Rise House       758-3302
TRUCHA       424-0521
Women's Crisis Center       757-1002
Women's Crisis Center 24-hour crisis line       757-1001

In-patient/Out-patient Treatment Centers

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula Recovery Center       373-0924
Beacon House Alcohol and Drug Program       372-2334
Genesis House       899-2436