Potential criminal actions and other life-threatening emergencies on or near campus can be reported by any student, faculty, staff, or visitor:  

  • Dial 911 on any pay phone;
  • Dial 8-911 from any on-campus phone; or
  • Dial Salinas Police dispatch from your cell phone.

The above numbers are usable 24 hours a day.

When reporting an emergency, be prepared to let the dispatcher know where you are and what the nature of the emergency is. 

For non-emergency assistance or to contact the Campus Safety Office, call 755-6888 or ext. 6888.

1. Name, telephone number, and location.
2. Describe the incident clearly and accurately.
3. Do not hang up! Let the person providing assistance end the call. More information may be requested.

Confidential reports of crime may also be made to Crime Stoppers of Monterey County at (800) 499-2746. 

Who To Contact

  • Campus Safety
    Phone: 831 755-6888
    Office: T - Portable Building
    Main Campus, Bldg T - Campus Safety