The purpose of the Hartnell College Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to proactively identify, track, assess, and offer a coordinated response to Hartnell community college members who display concerning behaviors on campus, in an effort to increase student success and campus safety.

1. To provide a coordinated, supportive response to Hartnell College community members exhibiting concerning behaviors.
2. To maintain a centralized reporting system to track and assess patterns of concerning behavior at Hartnell College.
3. To train and educate the Hartnell Community to participate fully in the BIT mission and encourage a culture of reporting.

Reporting - See something, Say Something!

Reporting is anonymous, and reporting an incident or a concern helps our campus community learn about and track patterns and help students, faculty and staff.   Reporting does not necessarily result in any disciplinary action and may help connect members of our campus community to the important resources they need.  

For emergencies or immediate security concerns, call 911 or Campus Safety 755-6888.   

Report an Incident
Use the Public Incident Report form for:
Student Conduct Violations
Academic Integrity Issues
Student Complaints or Grievances
Report a Concern 
Use the CARE form for:
Concerns about Well-being
Mental Health Concerns
Unusual or Disruptive Behavior

What happens next?

After a report is submitted, a member of the BIT team will review the case, assess for risk and make the appropriate referrals to assist the individual.  If the case is disciplinary in nature, it will be processed in accordance with the Hartnell Behavioral and Conduct Policy or the Student Rights and Grievances Policy .  If you provide your name and email, you may be contacted for more information.  However, in many cases, confidentiality may prevent us from disclosing the status of the case. 

Additional Resources and Information

What is a BIT? Visit the NaBITA website for more information about why campuses need BITs, and how they work.

How does the BIT assess for RISK? – We use a nationally recognized threat assessment rubric during our case team meetings.

How can I help a student in distress?  Feel free to reach out to a BIT team member, or check out these tips for supporting students in distress .

Where can I find local resources to help others?  Monterey County SAM’s Guide is a comprehensive resource for community organizations that may be of interest to students, faculty, staff, and community members.  

Contact BIT
Romero Jalomo – rjalomo@hartnell.edu
Augustine Nevarez - anevarez@hartnell.edu
Alicia Edelen – aedelen@hartnell.edu
Michelle Peters – mpeters@hartnell.edu
Dana Weston – dweston@harntell.edu